My husband and I can't begin to tell you how blessed we feel to have met you. Your help with our son (ALREADY!) has been so meaningful. This is the first time we have felt so much excitement and hope for our sweet son. You have exposed us to a new world and we are so thankful.

– From a parent in Jacksonville, Florida

She is just a super person, having that rare blend of total integrity with insight and compassion, as well as complete follow-up and fine sense of humor. She truly has each child's well-being at heart and beyond grasping the 'on the page' qualifications a child presents...

...she is gifted at 'getting the gist of what is underneath' and how a school and a specific child most likely will match. I would recommend her highly should you want further input into the educational choices you, (wife's name) and your children will be making.

– Parent from Andover, Massachusetts

Again you are our lifesaver! I am so grateful to you for putting us in touch with the most wonderful people in your field (and you thought your job was over with our family - NEVER!)...

...I am so relieved and happy to know that (our son) will be in such capable hands. I knew anyone you recommended would be very caring. I can't thank you enough. You are THE BEST!!!

– Parent from Wilton, Connecticut

You are the best at what you do. When I spoke with (parent), I knew immediately who he needed to see!!!

– Director of Admissions at boarding school

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't believe the changes in our family since we first talked in May. For the first time in a long time our boys are excited about school. They are so proud of their decisions. It's unbelievable how mature they have been through the entire process...

...It has been such a pleasure working with you. We are so appreciative of your kind support and professional guidance. The whole process was a wonderful experience - and we are very excited about the great opportunities that lie ahead for our boys.

– Parent from Chicago, Illinois

You are incredible! (Our son) feels he has a true friend and someone who genuinely cares and appreciates him. I just wanted to thank you for all of your support, advice and enthusiasm during this whole boarding school application process. Naturally, (our son) is over the moon with excitement about (school name)...

...The re-visit was fantastic for him and he's ready to go tomorrow. Thank you for everything, from lending an ear to your professional advice. You're great! We hope to see you again soon.

– Parent from Greenwich, Connecticut

Cammie, I just wanted to thank you for all your help in (our son's) application process and tell you that you have done an amazing job! You are such a pleasure to work with. Thanks again!

– Parent from Greenwich, Connecticut

How can we thank you enough? This match exceeded our expectations. (Our daughter) is ecstatically happy - and so are we! I don't think we could ever have found (boarding school name) on our own, or succeeded in getting (our daughter) in, and so very promptly!

– Parent from Guilford, Connecticut

Cammie, you have been such an important influence on our kid's life plan. You are special to our family.

– Parent from Hamilton, Bermuda

WOW! You are the best. If it were not for the warmth, outstanding competence and clear commitment you have to the positive outcome for these children, this would not have happened...

...As I told the dad, who remains very skeptical, we have all of us threaded the needle; from now on it is a matter of sewing and not letting it fall back through the eye. You are the best!

– From a counselor with whom we recently partnered on an assignment

Cammie, your guidance, care and support were the keys to a successful boarding school application process for our family. You cannot know the difference you made for each of us. I am eternally grateful.

– From an uncle and role model of a student with whom we worked from Hollywood, California

They all said you are the best in the business and that we were in great hands. We agree.

– Parent from New York, New York

Cammie, your comments about (the school's) position, strengths and weaknesses, and areas to focus on in the future were exceptionally valuable for all of us. You should know that I think you are very good at what you do. Your professional approach is mixed with a thoughtful, open ear that makes people very comfortable.

– Headmaster at secondary boarding school

You have to know how thrilled we are with (our daughter's) results this spring and all the help you provided. She absolutely LOVES (school name). I always remember that you thought it was such a great school for her - and that I was reluctant to have her that far away. But it is definitely worth the trip! I suspect we will be calling you in a few years about (our younger daughter).

– Parent from Bronxville, New York

Cammie, thank you for your follow-up. (Our son) is doing AMAZING!!! He is very happy, has made a terrific initial transition and has only positive things to say. (My husband) and I are so thankful. For us, this is a miracle. We are seeing a changed adolescent, already - hard to believe. We owe it all to you and the school. We are so grateful.

– Parent from Rye, New York

In terms of searching for a traditional boarding school, a family quickly realizes there are too many schools and the material provided on each is too generic to make the right decision. We found you to be the perfect counterpart in the search process. You are an excellent listener and, as a result, understood the subtleties of our child's situation fully...

...Your foundation of knowledge of these schools is, in our estimation, unrivaled and you were able to narrow the search to a group of truly appropriate schools. Thank you for making a challenging process enjoyable and for empowering our family with the benefits of your firm's knowledge.

– Parent from Scarsdale, New York

Cammie, thank you for all your help. Clearly your deep understanding of both the school and applicant are extraordinarily impactful.

– Parent from Scarsdale, New York

Dear Cammie: My goodness, you're good at what you do! Since the day we met when you discussed your role, you've done exactly what you said you would, and more. You've exceeded expectations at every point, and the results speak for themselves. In addition, you were insightful, caring, and extremely pleasant to work with, especially during those anxious times...

...I am particularly struck by your quick abilities to understand (our son), to help him think about his strengths, and what is important to him, and to gain his trust and real admiration. (Our son) truly values what you've done for him, and so do (Dad) and I. I would be delighted to be a reference, if ever you should be interested.

– Parent from Westport, Connecticut

I can't tell you how much we all appreciate you. You are like a special angel that helps us point our kids in the right direction. I know that they would not be where they are today without you. I mean that sincerely. (Our son) has just gotten his 2nd term grades and he has improved so much...

..Last year at this time we were wondering if he would make it through another year. He LOVES (boarding school) so much and is really thriving. You knew it was right for him and it's working out to be another wonderful, life altering experience (for him and us).

– Parents from Wilton, Connecticut

Dear Cammie: I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me over the past eight months. You have really made this long, stressful process easier for both my Mom and me. I felt very good to have all four of my choices available at the end, and I'm ecstatic to go to (boarding school) next year. Again thank you so much for helping me reach this important decision.

– Student from Westport, Connecticut

Your professionalism and expertise, your insight and knowledge of young people and your brilliant intellect and compassionate and understanding heart will enhance what we are doing at (name of school) and direct us on how we could be better. I look forward to the opportunity and privilege of working with you.

– Headmaster at a boarding school

Cammie, I can't begin to thank you for all your support and kind words. You helped me through hell and back! Meeting you was an 'act of fate.' I am deeply grateful for everything you did for our son, myself and my family. I am so excited about getting my son back. I couldn't have done it without you.

– Parent from Southport, Connecticut

I asked how many knew their consultant. Three said they did, two said they did not. The student who worked with you spoke with GREAT enthusiasm of having visited with you three different times, how you listened to him and how helpful you were. You have a real fan here...

...My instincts tell me you are far more important to this young man personally than consultants usually are to their kids in special needs situations.

– From a consultant about a discussion he had with five special needs students

Cammie Bertram is the educational consultant I mentioned to you. She is extraordinary in every way.

– Parent from Greenwich, Connecticut

I am not the angel, Cammie. You are. You are able to help so many families who are in crisis. To me, having your clear mind guide you when a family can no longer think clearly truly defines who the angel is.

– From a consultant who referred a special needs client to our firm

Thus far we have enjoyed the boarding school process with our son. However, I have no doubt that it could be a daunting and overwhelming experience. I feel so fortunate to have the guidance and support of our educational consultant, Cammie Bertram. She is truly a lovely lady! Warm, witty, approachable, but poised and refined...

...We all took an immediate liking to her upon our first meeting, and as I mentioned our son has a special fondness for her that is truly heartwarming. It is without reservation that I strongly recommend Camille Bertram Educational Consultants to you as you begin the boarding school process with your son.

– Recommendation from a parent in Greenwich, Connecticut

Your guidance, comforting style and friendship meant more to us than you have any idea... The first time that we went to see you was truly a great moment in my life as I, at that point, felt relieved and comfortable with the entire process...

...You evoke great confidence in your abilities. We truly feel that the success which we had in our application process... "Getting into every school we applied to," was in large part due to your efforts on multiple levels.

– From a parent in Locust Valley, New York

While we typically do not get nervous in many situations, we were fully willing to admit that this process with our daughter was filled with much trepidation. Yet, with your constant encouragement and personal charm along the way, you provided a calming influence over a highly emotional process. For this we cannot thank you enough!

– From a parent in Bronxville, New York

I cannot tell you what it meant to me to talk to you the other day. Your warmth, responsiveness and specific knowledge of both [wilderness programs] was of immeasurable help and comfort to me...

...In the midst of this difficult situation having this information is a bulwark of stability and relief that [program] may be a place where my granddaughter can heal and get well. Thank you so much.

– From a grandparent in San Francisco, California on placing her granddaughter in a wilderness program and Cammie Bertram's assistance

Thanks again for being our supreme consigliore. You are the best!

– From a parent in Bronxille, New York

I really need to stress right now how much you've done for me over the past years. You've been such a significant person in my and my family's life; thank you so much, Cammie.

– From a student, on Cammie Bertram's help in getting into prep school

Thank you again! Remember the amazing work you do allows so many kids new academic chances!

– From a student in Westport, Connecticut

You will be in my thoughts on Thursday at our daughter's completion ceremony. Parents are asked to speak about their child's journey and have the opportunity to recognize those people who helped them along the way. You are my first and most heartfelt thank you. Our daughter has choices for her future because you set us on the road to [program] and with all her ups and downs, she finished!

– From a parent in New York, New York on her daughter's graduation

You have helped our family in so many ways - you are so special to all of us! You may not know the impact your guidance has on so many people that are struggling with decisions - important and life changing decisions. We have said many, many times that our kids would not be in the wonderful places that they are now had it not been for you!

– Parent from Wilton, Connecticut

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